The Importance of a Safe Environment for Your Cat


Lucy, an adorable 2-year-old shorthair, had no idea what was in store for her when she stole an earplug to play with. Her newfound toy was a cat’s delight. She could bat it around and sink her teeth into it, but oops—getting too much into her game, she swallowed it whole!

Fortunately, her owners don’t miss a clue and knew something was terribly amiss when Lucy started vomiting and not eating suddenly. They brought her right in to the clinic. At first, we couldn’t see anything on Lucy’s plain radiographs of her belly, but after giving her a barium swallow, we could tell that there was an obstruction in her bowels not letting anything pass through. After an exploratory surgery to remove the earplug, Lucy was back to her old self—hopefully wiser but under watchful eyes.CatEarplug

This is a word to the wise for us cat lovers to safety proof our cats’ environments. We’ve removed pennies, bottle caps, dental floss, needles and thread, bra straps, telephone cords, puzzle pieces, tinsel, and Easter grass from our playful beasties to name a few. Strings can be especially dangerous if a portion of the string becomes tethered around the tongue while the rest tries to move through the intestines sawing its way through the gut. So beware if suddenly your cat starts vomiting or stops eating and call us. Quick action can save lives.

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