Cat Hospital Services in Seattle, WA

Whether your kitty is behaving strangely, has been injured, or just needs a check-up, bring them to Cat Clinic of Seattle, a cat hospital in the Wallingford/Fremont area.

Since 1962, we have provided feline-only medical services in the Northwest, and we still bring the same knowledge and compassion to every visit.

The Importance of Medical Care

Cats, just like humans, have their fair share of medical issues. Through accidents, old age, and genetics, a cat may need medical care for many reasons.

Even if your cat is a relatively timid companion, they will still enjoy exploring the house, climbing on furniture, and playing with toys. Although cats are agile, they’re also fragile, and a cat can easily get injured by even a seemingly harmless toy. String, for example, is very entertaining for cats. But if your cat swallows a piece of string, the string can cause an obstruction in or even damage to your cat’s digestive tract.

Cats are also susceptible to disorders and diseases such as diabetes, obesity, arthritis, and cancer. Because cats are such private creatures, you may not be aware that your cat feels unwell. If your cat is acting out or hiding more than usual, they may need medical attention.

Our Compassionate Care

At Cat Clinic of Seattle, we provide expert cat hospital services. With an intensive care unit, fully equipped surgery, and visiting hours, we will provide your kitty with the best care possible. We use the most advanced equipment and techniques available, including oxygen therapy and blood transfusions.

Cats deserve the same care as their human companions, which is why we operate our cat hospital the same way we would operate a human hospital. We adhere to strict sterilization techniques and wear all the same medical gear you would expect to see at a hospital, including caps, gowns, gloves, and booties.

If your cat needs expert medical care, trust the doctors at Cat Clinic of Seattle. Call 206-633-1133 to learn more.

“…the knowledgeable and compassionate staff of the Cat Clinic has always provided the best possible care for my cats.” – Marla P.