Cat Hospital in Bellevue, WA

Dedicated cat hospital staff in Bellevue, WAThe Cat Clinic of Seattle offers a variety of medical services for your cat. Being the first feline-only hospital in the Northwest, established in 1962, we are the pioneers in our field and set the standard for medical care and compassion for our feline friends. If your cat requires hospitalization, please be at ease and know that all our doctors and staff have exceptional skills in providing a high level of comfort and care for both you and your cat. The veterinary technicians at the Cat Clinic are all licensed through the Department of Health and are always expanding their knowledge through continuing education classes and training. They share decades of feline health care experience between each other. As a result, cats get the best of care at the Cat Clinic of Seattle. Cats in critical condition stay in a special Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Each cat is located in full view of the entire staff to ensure constant monitoring, and, if necessary, immediate emergency action. We have an oxygen cage as well, which reserved especially for our cats with asthma or heart disease. Also, if the need arises, we can supply a blood transfusion to the cats we see who are anemic or have sustained blood loss from a traumatic injury. Each day your cat is in the hospital, our doctors will update you on your cat’s condition, and we encourage you to visit and see your cat in the hospital. CatSurgeryWhen surgery is necessary, we perform it with stringent attention to the safety and comfort of your cat. We work with the most advanced equipment available and use the same techniques as a human hospital. And, of course, we wear the traditional surgical cap, gown, and gloves and maintain a sterile operating room dedicated only for surgical procedures. Cats have an amazing capacity for healing under proper medical care. The best reward for us is watching our patients bounce back and return to life with their old vigor. If you have any questions about your cat’s health, please call our practice today and we will provide the care your cat needs. “…the knowledgeable and compassionate staff of the Cat Clinic has always provided the best possible care for my cats.” – Marla P.