Cat Dentist Services in Seattle, WA

Cats’ teeth need attention too. Usually, cats won’t tell you when their teeth or gums are sore. We’ll help you learn to clean your cat’s teeth and recognize potential problems.

Dental disease can occur at any age and can contribute to other illnesses like eye, nasal or sinus, and heart and kidney disease. So, cats should be examined annually to address problems early and prevent future problems. We take pride in our anesthetic safety record. Our licensed veterinary technicians monitor the patient from induction to recovery along with state-of-the-art patient monitoring equipment to ensure your cat’s safety. Using a gas anesthetic protocol, we are able to fine-tune our patients’ anesthetic plane so that our patients recover quickly and calmly with pain management under control.

Get started today! Ask our vets what steps you can take to be sure your cat has a healthy and comfortable mouth.

“…For over two months, we tried in vain to determine what was causing our cat’s mouth inflammation after a successful dental surgery with another veterinary dentist. Our cat, which was in perfect health in every other way, was in a great deal of mouth pain and we feared the worst. Upon our first visit, Dr. Nevin diagnosed a particular problem that, he said, can occur in 10 percent of cats, and he recommended surgery to remove a remaining large tooth. The clinic was able to fit us into the schedule the very next day, and Dr. Nemec successfully performed the extraction and related biopsies. The staff at the Cat Clinic were gentle and wonderfully skillful with taking care of our cat after the surgery and in all related visits. Within less than one week, our cat now has an excellent prognosis, has gained a quarter of a pound, and is eating well, playing, sleeping, and content again, at last! We are so grateful to the doctors for diagnosing the problem and for everyone at the cat clinic for the responsiveness, which lead to resolving this issue so quickly and effectively.” – Laura T.