Cat Boarding Services for the Seattle, WA, Area

A cat receiving cat boarding services in Seattle, WA When you leave for a trip, it’s natural to worry about the care of your cat. You want to ensure he or she is well taken care of and comfortable while you are away, and if a problem arises in your absence, you hope for an immediate solution.

At Cat Clinic of Seattle, we understand how important your cat is to you, and when you leave your beloved feline with our cat boarding services, you can rest assured they’re as healthy and comfortable as possible.

Compassionate, Dedicated Caretakers

We care about every cat placed in our care. Our kindhearted kennel staff live at the clinic, allowing the cats to grow familiar with their temporary caretakers and receive continual loving care. We’ve found that this around-the-clock exposure reduces your cat’s stress and allows him or her to better relax until you return.

And during the day, your cat will be carefully watched by licensed veterinary technicians, ensuring your cat is happy and healthy during their stay. If a problem should arise, we’ll contact you immediately, and one of our experienced doctors will provide the necessary medical care. No matter where you are, you can rest easy knowing your feline friend is being well taken care of.

Experienced, Caring Veterinarians

Since 1998, we’ve provided quality care to cats in and around the Seattle, WA area. Every cat that passes through our clinic is given careful, thorough care, and we provide numerous services for maximum convenience.

Whether you need medical, grooming, or dentistry services, we have everything you need to keep your cat fit and content. We even offer nutritional and behavioral advice to assist you in better caring for your cat.

If you’re looking for attentive cat boarding services in Seattle, WA, depend on Cat Clinic of Seattle. You can reach us 206.633.1133, or you can drop by to inspect our facilities.